Bar Fight!

Upon reaching the port at Westreach Isle, the group decides to head toward The Dented Flagon right away. On the way there they notice a group of figures hanging out nearby in the shadows next to a warehouse.

The Flagon is basically empty, with a lone adolescent half-elf sitting in a corner booth and a barkeep organizing some dishware behing the bar.

Cret and Kathra both decide to order a drink while they are waiting. Vendara watches the door, while Zzigourd explores the common room. Rolen decides to ask the youth why there are no locals around, and why he is hanging around the bar.

During this conversation the group hanging around outside comes in. Two of them stay to guard the front door, three of them move towards the corner booth, while the other two head towards the back door.

One of the mysterious group, a women in leather, manhandles Rolen out of the way, while the youth starts to crawl under the table.

Cret tries to politely diffuse the situation, but the woman reacts with violence. While Zzigourd is talking to the apparent leader of the mysterious group, a fight breaks out between Rolen, Cret and some of the group.

It quickly turns into a rout for the mysterious group, who are all knocked out, including their leader who attempted to flee out the back.

As the group works to restrain their captives, Vendara notices a strange magical energy emanating from them.

While Kathra is working on restrainig the leader, she notices that his condition is worsening even though his wounds are bound. Using her healing magic she manages to stabilize the leader. In the meantime the other captives are reduced to little more than desicated corpses.

The bartender returns with some town guards, Cret orders some food, and the group explain the situtation. The guards take the surviving captive into custody.

The youth identifies himself as Liam. He says he was supposed to meet some people there and lead them to Lady Jala. He mentions that he was told to expect up to eighteen people, but did not know any names or faces.



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