Tea with Jala

The group finally arrived at Jala’s house. Liam warns them to avoid touching the fence.

The group enters her house and sees Jala sitting on a chair. Nearby several more chairs sit in front of a table covered in a variety of sweets.

Vendara correctly guesses that Jala is of the Travelling People and greets her with the customary hand gesture. The group eventually has a seat, and Vendara and Liam start to sip at some tea. The rest of the group is either not hungry or too suspicious to partake.

Jala explains that she sent for the group to retreive her fate cards. Apparently the deck was stolen by a group of goblins about half an hour before the group arrived.

When questioned further, she admits that she knew the goblins were going to be stealing the deck because she had a prophetic vision several months ago. She also admits that she made no attempt to stop the goblins from taking the deck, and that she made sure she was away from the house and the door was unlocked. She assumes from what she saw in her vision that there were roughly a dozen goblins. She knows from their tracks that they headed north, away from town and deeper into the forest.

Vendara asks Jala about her visions. Jala says she has visions that come to her with little control, showing her various things that have or will occur. She says that she also uses her deck to perform readings regarding a specific question, person, or object. These tend to be more reliable.

Without her deck she is unable to perform readings with the same accuracy, and would like very much to get them back. She also says that the fate cards the group has were drawn from her deck when she did a reading for the best group to retrieve her deck. She drew eighteen cards, each a different person who would be likely to succeed at retrieving her deck, plus one indicating that Liam should meet them at the Dented Flagon.

The group tells her about the mysteriosu group they encountered at the Flagon. Jala suggests that they might want to bring the survivor to the Jerachoa Tree to revive him, and possibly question him. She seems eager to have information on why the mysterious group were there and started a fight with either Liam or the group.

The group asks if she has had any recent visions. Jala mentios off-handedly that the mayor will want to see them in four days.

Cret questions why they should help her (and whether she is sane or not). Jala offers the group 150 gp each upon return of the deck. Cret immediately heads out the other door to start investigating the tracks.

Jala tells Liam it is time for him to break his promise. He is no longer forbidden from using his powers in the presence of others. He offers to accompany the group while they retrive the deck of fate cards.



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