The Briney Seas

On 27 Turros 5102 AF, the Raven’s Wake set sail for Westreach Isle.

Making good time due to clear skies and favourable winds for the first eleven days of the journey the crew are dissapointed to become suddenly becalmed just north of the Whistling Tides.

After spending two full days some of the passengers notice the increasing agitation of the crew and try some subtle ways to find out what they are concerned about. Unsuccessful, the go back to their cabins for the night.

Shortly after dawn, cries of alarm sound from above. They passengers also hear the captain shouting at them to hurry to the deck.

Once on deck, the passengers see that a dozen or more amorphous greenish blobs have come over the side of the ship and are starting to disolve parts of the deck and attacking the crew.

Vendara quickly identifies the creatures as brineys, something she has read about but never had to pleasure of seeing in person. The joys of practical research.

While the crew is struggling to kill half of the creatures, the passengers decide to take on the rest before they destroy the ship.

Zzigourd and Cret decide to take the direct route, charging at the front rank of brineys, while Vendara fires bolts of lightning. Using Vendara’s advice, Rolen starts firing blasts of cold at the front rank of brineys. By this time the group is seeing Vendara’s warning firsthand; each time they seriously injure on of the brineys a spawn splits off. Annoyingly the spawn immediately join in battle alongside their ‘parents’.

Suddenly the rear ranks flow forward, completely outflanking Zzigour and Cret, and even reaching Kathra, Vendara, and Rolen in the rear.

Kathra decides to stay and protect the magic users in the back of the group and calls on her mightiest prayers to even the playing field.

Zzigourd and Cret both get covered in caustic acid that slowly eats away at them. Annoyingly neither one seems to be able to shake it off.

The passengers find themselves surrounded. Each of them is hurt, especially Zzigourd and Cret who are barely standing despite constant healing magic from Kathra and Rolen.

Rolen sees the opportunity to turn the tides, and calls upon a spirit of stone to move the brineys aside and provide protective cover to his allies. The stone spirit knocks half of the remaining brineys overboard, giving the group time to mop up the remainder while they crawl back up the side of the ship.

Zzigourd and Cret make short work of those remaining on deck with support from Rolen and Kathra, while Vendara starts blasting those climbing up the ship’s side.

With the last few brineys left, Cret falls to a particluarly nasty wound.

The group mops up the straglers, and Kathra and Rolen quickly rouse Cret. Cret suffers from a nasty seeping wound for the next day, but will be fine long before reaching port.

The ship isn’t so lucky. Five crew are dead, and several more are seriously injured. Serious damage has been done to the ship, but it will still be able to make port. the captain plans on staying a few extra days in Westreach Isle to make some preliminary repairs. All considered, not the Raven’s Wake’s best journey.



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