The Hands of Fate

Cret, Kathra, Rolen, Vendara, and Zzigourd each received a strange fate card from a messenger. With the card came a note reading "Westreach Isle, The Dented Flagon 18 Nekheros, one hour after noon" and a bundle of coin.

Zzigourd was seeking passage North on the docks in Lyra, while Vendara was studying some fragmented tomes on arcane theory in a library near the south edge of the same city. Both were found by the messenger and eventually sought caravans west to Kassion.

Cret was having his first taste of life outside of the Arche Peninsula in the town of Arche, when he was approached by a messenger. He was quite excited as he had never seen a picture like that or ever been given a message. He eventually sought passage on a boat south to Kassion, although he was confused as to why he had to head south to go north.

Rolen was in Kassion already, experiencing the local colour after having escaped some “family problems”.

Kathra was in one of the surface towns near the Khaldain border. It took her nearly two months by caravan—cursing her uncooperative horse the whole way—to reach Kassion.

There they each booked passage on the Raven’s Wake, a supply and trading ship which was aparantly the only vessel planning a trip to Westreach Isle in the near future.

After expenses, and they each had exactly enough money leftover from their mysterious package to cover their passage on Raven’s Wake.



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