Reckless swordswoman rescued from the shadowfell.


Human, Brute
High HP, average defenses, high damage, Resist Cold
Reckless Abandon (Trait): While bloodied Talia grants combat advantage, but gains combat advantage on all attacks.
Azure Blade (At-Will): Deals cold damage and slows target.
Pommel Shove (At-Will): Damage, push 2, and knock target prone.
Cutting Wave (Encounter): Blast, cold damage and immobilized targets.
Pristine Pillar (Encounter, Minor): Creates pillar that heals allies who end their turn adjacent and damages foes who end their turn adjacent.

Very high Strength, high Constitution, decent Dexterity.
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Thievery


Orphan from Kassion. Former thief, failed locksmith apprentice.

She gave up her larcenous career when her partners turned on her after they found a rare magical blade. She managed to kill the other thieves and make it out. Decided to turn her life to unlocking the secrets of her sword, which she dubbed the Azure Blade.

She eventually was hired to help defeat Lorgion’s invasion of Westreach along with several other adventurers, including Leargwyn.

After her defeat and capture by Lorgion, she has spent the past several months (or years?) with no one to talk to except Leargwyn. She finds him boring, but is still protective of him. She suspects that Leargwyn knows something about their being trapped by Lorgion for so long, but cannot get him to admit what.

After being assisted in a prison break by Cret and Leargwyn, Talia wants to join Cret’s band of adventurer’s but is concerned that she will be rejected.

She wants to find a group of adventurers that she can trust.

She believes that honour and honesty only apply to friends and allies. If you are going to kill someone, you might as well stab them in the back if the opportunity presents itself. Her willingness to use any advantage would be deadly if she was smart enough to take proper advantage of it.


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