Dusk Hag

Hideous ancient-looking women with razor-sharp claws. All dusk hags have the ability to mask their forms with illusion, appearing as a woman of any humanoid race (often one who appears either harmless or beautiful).

All but the weakest dusk hags are able to manifest the greatest fears and nightmares of a person with a touch. This causes foes foolish enough to enter their reach to run away from them in fear and become dazed.

Hags of all types have a natural aptitude for magic, especially arcane, shadow, and ritual magic. Hags love to create magical potions, poisons, and items of dark magic to use as tools. They often gather servants to act as their hands and eyes.

Typically hags give birth to more of their kind by breeding with men of other humanoid races. The daughters grow into hags, while the sons grow into hagborn.

Hags are also able to transform humanoids through a mixture of magical potions and rituals. This process can take several weeks (sometimes months). If used on an adult woman she becomes a hag, if used on a female child she becomes a hagling. Men of all ages are always killed if they suffer through more than a few days of this treatment.

Usually hags produce more of the same kind of hag (or hagling), but sometimes circumstance or a hidden trait of the subject (or father) can produce a hag of a different type.

Dusk Hag

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