History of Abria

~300 BE
Rebels from the 21 worlds first attempt to join forces.
27 BE, 1 Astarra
The first gate is located on Crysa.
14 BE, 17 Imperatus
The rebel army manages to bring most of its force to Gate, they become known as the Exiles (or the Army of the Exodus)
14 BE, 17 Imperatus
The Age of Exodus is considered to have begun, the Period of Ascension also begins with the ascension of the first gods.
1 BE,9 Ursos
The slitherin armies first pour through the gates to Abria
1 AF, 4 Destrios
Exodus is officially founded as a city.
13 AF, 3 Malneus
The first eight humans awake.
47 AF, 25 Turros
The Godswar officially ends with the deafeat of the last of the Elder Gods, the armies of the Elder Gods remain a problem for several decades.
53 AF, 2 Vespis
The Period of Ascension ends, the Gods realize that divine power is finite and begin to struggle with each other for what power remains. The first clerics and paladins appear during this time.
65 AF, 6 Khepira
The Gods reach a truce, voluntarily limiting their influence over Union, and dividing aspects of the world into ‘portfolios’ and ‘domains’. Fewer than 200 deities are believed to remain, there are 49 major deities.
67 AF, 13 Rukha
Issue about territory and laws come to a head, the Theocracy of Union becomes the first official nation
67-228 AF
Various human and orc nations rise and fall with the death of their monarchs/governing bodies. These nations are all in what will eventually become Kelpath and territories that would eventually become part of the Theocracy of Union.
73-492 AF
The Magical Revolution, arcane spellcasters in record numbers explore the various types of magic they could not use on their homeworlds, exchange of magical knowledge is at an all-time high
82 AF, 1 Kylos
A cavern community adopts the name Ilusara
137 AF, 4 Kylos
Gavin Magnus Axewright III crowned the first king of Khaldain
142-274 AF
The Orc-Dwarf wars
168 AF, 1 Astarra
Elorian Glindalinia Eversong I crowned the first queen of Elemesnedene
322 AF, 2 Sikklos
Erim the Evenhanded crowned first emperor of Kelpath
339 AF, 19 Khepira
Kendra Azade named First Arcanist of The Magical Kingdom of Aol
342-863 AF
Various nations begin to appear in the innersea
376 AF, 8 Delphos
The Free Nation of Kassion founded as small trading community
376 AF, 13 Turros
The famous chaos mage Prisma is involved in a huge magical explosion, presumed dead
429 AF, 3 Charys
Balthasar Farkyd crowned first Mage-King of Darian
527-623 AF
The wood elves defect from Elemesnedene
565 AF, 3 Delphos
The grippli found Menii
587-602 AF
The Darian Civil War, at some point near the end of this bloody conflict, Damroth and the Ipashian Empire become distinct nations, but records conflict on the exact dates (and even years)
623 AF, 26 Lycaeus
Viridost is founded
757 AF, 1 Drachys
The dragons send 50 emisaries to the capital of each nation (except Menii), demanding that the nations break-up, and that the humanoids remain in small communities, they give them 20 years to comply.
777 AF, 1 Drachys
The Dragon War begins, as the humanoids have refused to stand down.
778 AF, 12 Ursos
Three dwarven clans go to war, although king Gavin Magnus Axewright IV refuses to get involved in the Dragon War.
826 AF, 29 Malneus
Some of the construct soldiers known as warforged begin to show signs of self-awareness.
843 AF, 18 Drachys
The first dragonborn are hatched
851 AF, 26 Charys
The dwarven people begin to voice their lack of respect for Gavin Magnus Axewright IV, calling him a coward who is willing to watch his neighbours die fighting the dragons while they remain safe under the mountains.
859 AF, 14 Astarra
The Dragon War ends, most dragons withdraw to Eastern Continent
859 AF, 3 Turros
The three clans return to Khaldain, expecting a hero’s welcome, but Gavin Magnus Axewright IV declares them outlaws and accuses them of treason for defying the edicts of their king. The dwarven civil war begins.
863 AF, 20 Delphos
The charter of the Innersea Commonwealth is signed
902 AF, 1 Ursos
Gavin Magnus Axewright IV dies under mysterious circumstances. Aaron Talwin Axewright I is crowned. Although he believes the three clans were treated poorly, he knows that there is too much spilled blood to welcome them back to the mountain kingdom. A truce is declared.
902 AF, 2 Vespis
A peace treaty is signed, allowing the three clans to live within the borders Khaldain, but not within the mountain kingdom. They are allowed to have all but three of the surface villages, and are allowed to mine any hills or mountains more than 30 miles from Mount Khaldain itself. The three clans would eventually come to be known as the hill dwarves, and the other nine clans would be known as the mountain dwarves.
976 AF, 15 Destrios
Rage’s wife Varinia is killed by a magical drought caused by the Ancient One. Rage causes it to rain over the whole of the Eternal Desert for 168 days. The other Gods strip dominion over weather from Rage (for His abuse of divine power), and grant it to a Demigod by the name of Gilgaem, who becomes a Greater God. The Eternal Desert ceases to expand for the first time in recorded history, from that day forth, it would slowly shrink.
1478 AF 1 Ursos *
A group of human monks agree to act as hosts for beings known as Quori, they will become the Khalashtar
*1623-1646 AF

The Succession War in Elemesnedene. Gosrim Tiro Eversong I is assassinated, along with his wife and infant daughter. After 23 years of war his younger brother manages to secure the support of the other houses after leading armies to destroy four rival noble houses.
2174 AF
Several caravans are lost en route to the eastern continent. After a few years, it is finally determined that a vital oasis has disappeared, rendering desert travel in that region impossible.
2258 AF
Orc traders begin to refer to a ruined city as Garuk Ch’ aldath, the shifters are considered a separate race
3427 AF, 19 Lycaeus
The majority of The Magical Kindgom of Aol drops several dozen feet below sea level, tidal waves destroy most outlying areas
4208 AF, 28 Astarra
The famed elven archmage Asteroth Dawnblossom dies
4324 AF, 4 Malneus
Colin Duncan Axewright, the king of Khaldain dies, and the rest of his clan is killed. With no heir, the Council of Thanes rules until a new king can be found.
5058 AF, 13-15 Nekheros
The Feast of Maat. All pregnant human women who are due to give birth everywhere on Union give birth to tieflings over this three day period.
5064 AF, 7 Destrios
The lost oasis is found again. Within weeks most of the world would be abuzz with talk of the “new” nations of Loknar, Shyr, and the Dragonsworn Empire

Historical Eras

It is important to note that many of these eras overlap.

The Age of Slavery (??? – 14 BE)
The 21 homeworlds are enslaved by the Elder Gods.

The Age of Exodus (14 BE – current)
The Treaty Races are free from the rulership of the Elder Gods.

The Gods War (14 BE – 47 AF)
The Gods walk Abria and fight the Elder Gods. Vast armies are destroyed. Billions die on both sides. Thousands of fledgling Gods die during this period.

The Period of Ascension (14 BE -53 AF)
Mortals spontaneously ascend to Godhood. Estimates are that more than 5,000 Gods ascended and died during this era.
After 53 AF, mortals no longer ascended spontaneously. New Gods could still arise from the children of the Gods (known as Godlings) or from a mortal who consumed the essence of a God (generally by killing that God).

The Time of One Thousand Kings (67 – 228 AF)
Literally hundreds of nations rose and fall. Most of their names were lost to history.

The Magical Revolution (73 – 492 AF)
During this age, magical theory was advanced greatly. The modern wizards first appeared, and would eventually become the most common form of arcane spellcaster.
Many of the new spells developed during this time were what would become ‘common’ spells. Rare spells were those lost before this era (and later rediscovered), or those developed later when sharing of magical knowledge was less commonplace.

The Orc-Dwarf War (142 – 274 AF)
Long brutal war between dwarves and orcs over territory. Near the end of the war, the dwarves largely withdrew to Khaldain. Most of the tribal orcs would move southward, eventually passing beyond the Greyshadow Mountains.

The Darian Civil War (587 – 602 AF)
The war that split the nation of Darian into two separate nations. Many claim the war is still going on to this day, as Damroth and the Ipashian Empire have never actually been at peace.

The Dragon War (777 – 859 AF)
Armies of dragons destroy millions of humanoids. Many go into hiding, or withdraw into the largest of fortified cities.
Although dragon attacks were not constant, there was at least one attack every year, and in the worst periods one per week.
Prior to this era, dragons largely ignored humanoids, seeing them as beneath notice.

The Dwaven Civil War (859-902 AF)
The unpopular and largely incompetent Gavin Magnus Axewright IV’s decision not to join the Dragon War led to three of the twelve dwarven clans leaving Khaldain to go to join the war. Seeing that this decision made him immensely unpopular, he turned the returning heroes into traitors and denied them access to their former homes in Khaldain.
The Dwarven Civil War was exceptionally bloody. The returning clans were outnumbered nearly 30 to 1, but they were experienced veterans of the Dragon War and well armed with magical weaponry. Many in the nine clans choose to exile themselves rather than face their blameless brothers in bloody conflict, and so abandoned key locations to the three clans.
Those who chose exile rather than following a dishonorable king would eventually join the three clans by marriage or would die without issue.
Although brief in dwarven terms, this war would forever split the dwarven race in two.

History of Abria

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