The underground kingdom of the dwarves is legendary. Deep beneath the God’s Reach Mountains, this self-sustaining kingdom produces some of the world’s best metal goods.
Khaldian consists of thousands of square miles of tunnels, caverns and vaults. These range from shafts barely large enough for a dwarven child to crawl through to the massive underground vault that houses their capital city (also called Khaldain). Although few outsiders have been allowed inside the reports of those few who have, as well as what the mountain dwarves have to say about their capital, agree fairly closely that it is large enough to fit half of Kassion. Underground areas come in a wide variety from abandoned mine shafts, air shafts, aqueducts, farms, storage, and even villages. Almost every part of surface civilization has its underground equivalent.
In addition to the underground regions, Khaldain contains many aboveground regions. The most important are the trade towns that maintain contact with the outside world, and the farms and pastures that add some variety to near tasteless fare that they grow in their lightless caverns. Off less import are aboveground watchposts and checkpoints to control travel in the areas above Khaldain, and their surface roads; entirely unnecessary, but often saving days journeys over cavern travel.
For nearly a century during the Dragon War the gates of Khaldain were locked solid and never opened. Although they didn’t exactly grow and thrive during this period, they did prove that they can get by without the rest of the world.

Restricted Traits: guard training, merchant house initiate, military education, mountain dweller, noble tutelage, officer training
Exclusive Traits: sunless skies
Races: Doppelganger, Duergar, Dwarf.
Regional Language: None

Khaldain as a Nation

Symbol: A hammer and axe crossed over a brown mountain with three peaks on a white background.
Capitol: Khaldain.
Government: Hereditary Monarchy. There has been no dwarven king for over 1,000 years, since the death of Colin Duncan Axewright, and the annihilation of the Axewright Clan. The Council of Thanes (typically advisors and generals for the king) has been ruling until a new king can be crowned. There is one Thane for each of the eight clans of mountain dwarves (nine clans if the dead Axewright Clan is considered).


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