Regions of Abria

Northern Lands
The northern lands are perhaps the most fertile. Slightly temperate with mild winters and a long growing season, they also have an abundance of hardwoods, softwoods, and various metal ores.
Although they lack exotic spices, and some sorts of luxuries, they have staples in abundance. The people of this land rarely go hungry or suffer from cold. With hard work, anyone has a chance to live off the land.
Arche Peninsula
Dantii Plains
Dalmaran Mountains
Goblin Woods
God’s Reach Mountains
Hidden Vale
Sparkling Cliffs
Theocracy of Abria
The Travelling City

Western Lands

The western lands are isolated and wild. They do not share close borders with their neighbours, and the spaces between pockets of civilized lands can be quite perilous. The western lands are very warm, and have predictable and moderate weather, leading to excellent growing seasons. The settlements of the western lands make a huge profit by trading between the north and the south.
Garuk Ch’aldath
The Viridian Woods

Southern Lands
The southern lands are harsh and have extreme climates. To the west lie frozen tundra and ice-covered mountains, to the east the Eternal Desert. In the north, the temperature might be more moderate, but the Quaan is a treacherous swamp, and Ilusara is a rocky desert with little more than dried brush covering its surface.
Eternal Desert
Greypeak Mountains
The Ipashian Empire
The Quaan
Southern Tundra

Central Lands
The central lands are defined by their largest feature; the Innersea. The Innersea is warm and bountiful but prone to extreme weather. Extreme waves, torrential downpours, and even unexpected volcanic activity are the norm, and rarely do they occur with any sort of forewarning. Although the waters are often placid and warm enough to swim from island to island, only fools or the desperate would attempt to do so, as an unexpected storm could easily kill a swimmer or even a small vessel.
Galmaran Jungle
Innersea Commonwealth
Sendine Plain

Eastern Lands
The eastern lands do not share any common climate, they do however share one common element: until recently no one in the west knew any of these lands were inhabited. The recent rediscovery of Lost Oasis, after nearly 3,500 years, has reopened the land route through the Eternal Desert. With the new contact with the Dragonsworn Empire came knowledge of Shyr and Loknar, which are easier to reach by sea from the west or south. These lands have cultures that are alien to the west, but ultimately share the same distant roots.
The Dragonsworn Empire
The Omitu

Other Lands
Some lands are primarily in other worlds. The Feywild and the Shadowfell both have a few points of predictable or permanent contact with the World, and such reliable crossings can be used to create trade routes from one world to another. Of course, they can also be used for darker purposes such as banditry or invasion.
Elemental Chaos
Empire of Shade
Feywild Enclave
Fomorian City
The Murkendraw
Shadowfell Enclave

Racial Origins
Some racial communities that exist alongside or even within other nations have cultures that are very distinct from their neighbours. A member of such a community likely views themself as being a member of their clan or tribe first, and a member of their nation second (if at all).
Celephais Pod
Centaur Tribe
Deepshadow Enclave
Giant Tribe
Gnome Clan
Gnoll Pack
Grey Orc Enclave
Kobold Tribe
Lightfoot Clan
Multiple Incarnations
Naga Coven
Strongheart Settlement
Orc Tribe

Situational Origins
Sometimes the situation of one’s childhood is more important than the location. If you were raised in a shack in the woods and never met anyone outside of your family, it hardly matters which forest that shack was in.
Monastic Origin

Regions of Abria

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