The Cosmos

The World

(The Natural World, The Material World, The Prime Material Plane, The Middle World)
The world is made up of many ‘worlds’. Virtually all known races hail from one of twenty-one worlds known as the homeworlds. Since the defeat of the Elder Gods, most of these races have moved to Abria a 22nd world with special properties.
The world is where most mortals are born and live out their entire life.

The Fundamental Planes

The cosmos is composed largely of two infinite expanses from which all other planes formed: The Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. These planes are levels of reality in which countless locales exist like finite islands adrift in the infinite–the various astral dominions and elemental realms.
The fundamental planes provide the substance linking all the dominions and realms of the deities and elemental powers together. To reach these specific places, a traveller must trek across the Astral Sea or the Elemental Chaos. Fortunately, planar portals and conduits make it possible to span vast distances with a single step–if a traveller knows where to find the portal he or she needs.
Although the fundamental planes are infinite, the known astral dominions and elemental realms lie within a finite distance of each other.
If a traveller journeys through a fundamental plane into the trackless reaches outside the known dominions and realms, sooner or later he or she comes to other divine dominions or elemental kingdoms. These dominions and realms are outside of known cosmology, however, because such a journey would be unthinkably long, and it would undoubtedly be easier to find or create a portal to reach them. A very few such portals have been made of discovered, and occasionally contact with such distant locales have been made.

Astral Dominions

The astral dominions are distinct planes that exist within the Astral Sea. Most are the creation of deities, and as such, each dominion reflects the aesthetics (or whims) of its creator. Dominions may have wildly different properties and characteristics. Some are the size of worlds, whereas others are solitary towers or small cities on the shores of the Astral Sea. In artwork and in literature, they are often depicted as majestic islands or floating shards of landscape surrounded by a gossamer sea as flat and smooth as mirrored glass.
Astral dominions are commonly regarded as the heavens and hells of the mortal world.

Elemental Realms

The Parallel Planes

Fey Demesneys

Domains of Dread


Anomalous Planes

The Cosmos

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