07 September 2014: Added God-Touched, Hagborn, and Wereraven themes.
10 November 2012: Added Special Rules page.
07 November 2012: Found a new format for powers. Much easier to read. Going to be revising previous pages. Almost done divinity feats.
06 November 2012: Started on divinity feats, hoping to fill out more on dieties, but don’t hold your breath.
05 November 2012: Got races “caught up”. Changed the racial power for orcs, and gave them a second skill bonus, and a choice of ability score bonuses. Now they don’t suck quite as much.
31 October 2012: More races.
30 October 2012: More themes.
29 October 2012: Added armour, including masterwork armour. Also added superior ranged weapons, including firebrands.
29 October 2012: Added background traits.
28 October 2012: Uploaded a seriously shrunk-down low-colour version of the map. Considering the file size is about 1/75th, it turned out ok.
28 October 2012: Started adding races. Minor format changes to themes.
27 October 2012: Added new themes. Fixed some typos.

This page is a work in progress. Feel free to enjoy and use any material you find here. If you find any mistakes, contradiction, grammar issues, or spelling problems, I would appreciate you letting me know.
As the creator of this setting I reserve the right to change anything on any part of this page. Players are encouraged to use the adventure log, and the character page. Bear in mind that I may edit or remove content that I think would be offensive to anyone likely to read it.

Players (or those interested in becoming players)

This campaign is intended to be a local, face-to-face game. Obviously you would need to live in or travel to the area.
The campaign is intended for relatively mature adults. Any mature teenagers (14+) could be allowed to join with parental concent. No one wants to deal with an angry parent.
If you are making a character, please refer to the following Character Creation Aid. Some of this you may already know (like what ability score do), but some aspects of the campaign are different.
Character Creation Aid

Special Rules
Some rules and guidelines of XP, treasure, quest and more.

Injury Deck
Each character will potentially gain injuries. You risk gaining injuries if you fall unconscious.

To those wishing to know more about the campaign, I encourage you to check out the Wiki or the Adventure Log (when it starts to become developed).

For the next prospective campaign, I want characters to have a reason for wanting to leave home. Are you running from someone? Something? Is there something you need that you can’t get at home?