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Dragonborn on Abria
Dragonborn have a small region of their own, the Hidden Vale, located somewhere to the East of the Goblin Woods. They have several small tribal villages there, and it is where they often go to give birth. When the child is about four or five, the parent that choose to rear it (equally likely to be the father or the mother) returns to his or her wanderings or previous established life with the child in tow.
Historically dragonborn are not well tolerated by other races, but as they have become more commonplace in civilized regions in recent years, they have become more accepted. They have a reputation for being honourable and respectable warriors, with a fair degree of competence. Many still believe that they are spies for the dragons of the Eastern Continent, however.
Dragonborn mercenaries and wanderers are most prevalent in Karcak and Kassion.
In the Dragonsworn Empire the word dragonborn is not permitted. They are instead called Betrayers. They are not allowed in positions of authority, and many of them are forced to ‘pay for their betrayal’ with a period of three to five years of indentured service.

Hidden Vale

Although the dragonborn keep small camps in many nations, they have never had a settlement to call their own. Wherever they have attempted to build one, locals have become dismayed by the army of armed dragonborn. Competition over resources and lands have also caused conflicts with their neighbours.
Eventually a dragonborn mercenary named Arjhan decided he wanted a place to raise his children where they could live like the children of other races. Deciding the best way to do so was to found a new land far enough away from other nations that they would not look at it as a threat. Unfortunately all the choice lands were already taken. He would have to find someplace that could be self-sufficient and would be safe from monsters, bandits, and others that might bring harm to it.
He decided to explore the Goblin Woods. Apparently he found what he was looking for. Over the next several years he searched for like-minded dragonborn to join him in this settlement.

Restricted Traits:
Exclusive Traits: child of the vale
Races: Dragonborn.
Regional Language: None

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