“I don’t draw the power of Kyral from worship. It has been with me since birth. I feel her always, pulsing through my veins. Waiting to be unleashed.”

Most people understand that divine magic comes from the gods and the various divine spellcasters are trained and ordained in special rituals that allow them to perform divine miracles.
What few know is that some are born to divine power, or granted it by the direct intervention of a Deity’s exarch. Exactly how this comes to pass varies from instance to instance.
It is known that some individuals have become so important to a deity that they are imbued with divine magic, capable to performing minor miracles with little effort. Sometimes this trait is passed from generation to generation, either to one member who meets certain requirements, or indiscriminately to all who carry the bloodline.
An obscure legend tells the tale of a particular bloodline that was tainted with the power of madness for murdering an insane relative who’s care had become inconvenient. Although at first the power seemed a blessing, each member of the bloodline had the power turn on them when they chose to use it to their own ends. Each in turn met a gruesome fate.
There are also tales and legends, considered blasphemy by most churches, of those who have seized the powers of the gods for themselves.
Little is known of these “god-touched” except that their powers manifest the divine aspects of one particular deity. Religious scholars generally agree that the deity providing the power is aware of the location and action of the god-touched. Some more cynical scholars even suggest that the reason for the god-touched is to have more eyes and ears among mortals.
Although many god-touched are unaware of the exact origin of their powers, they all inherently know what miracles they can perform. They can also readily learn the divine prayers used by clerics, paladins, and other divine spellcasters, inherently understand how to channel the powers when they are explained to them.
Many god-touched are marked, either with an omen at their birth, a physical trait such as hair or eye colour, or more literally with a birthmark shaped as the symbol of their deity.

Creating A God-Touched

God-touched are a mixed group, with little in common. Your powers will lend themselves to support different classes in different ways.
Few god-touched become divine characters, but you might have chosen to go that route.
Do you embrace your divine powers? Your choice of class should show this, perhaps you are a great warrior able to command the powers of strength and bravery in the name of Landree, or daring treasure hunter who relies on the luck of Tinuviel.
Do you reject or deny your power? Perhaps you are a devoted healer cursed with the power of death and disease by your grandfather’s pact with Danil, or a righteous paladin who feels the bloodlust of Kyral.

God-Touched Traits
Secondary Role: Varies
Power Source: Divine.
Starting Feature: You gain the channel divinity feature. Once per encounter you can invoke divine power, filling yourself with divine might (in the form of a channel divinity power). Regardless of how many different uses for Channel Divinity you know, you can only use one such ability per encounter. In addition you must select a particular deity (if you already have a patron deity, it need not be the same). You gain the divinity feat associated with that deity (it will have the prerequisite ‘must worship…’), you need not actually worship the deity to gain this feat however.
Level 5: You gain one divinity feat associated with a domain of the deity you chose for this theme (the prerequisite will say ‘must worship a deity of the … domain).
Level 10: You gain a domain feat associated with your chosen deity. In addition, choose one power associated with this domain feat. You gain this power as an encounter power.
Special: You can select utility powers from the avenger, cleric, invoker, or paladin lists in place of any of your class utility powers. If you loose this theme, you must retrain these powers.
Associated Paragon Paths:
Associated Feats:

God-Touched Prayers

Divine Spark God-Touched Utility 2
You act as a conduit to the divine energy of your god.
Daily ✦ Divine
Minor Action Melee touch
Target: You or one ally
Effect: If the target has the channel divinity class feature and has expended it for this encounter, it is recharged. Otherwise there is no effect.


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