Hagborn Theme
“You think I’m scary? You should see my mother.”

Hags have children for a variety of reasons, ranging from wanting powerful servants to a twisted form of maternal desire. The children of hags are sometimes annis–women who are on the verge of becoming hags–those who are not are hagborn. About one tenth of a hag’s children are annis, one tenth are female hagborn, and the rest are male hagborn.
These men (and more rarely women), are vicious, bestial version of their race. Strangely enough their racial makeup is almost completely determined by their father. A hag who was once an elf who mated with a human would produce almost exclusively human hagborn with a very low instance of half-elves. Hagborn have bestial claws, short fangs, longer fingers, hands, and arms, and a generally stooped appearance. Some hagborn have other features that are atypical for their race, such as greenish, or grey skin, stringy or patchy hair, or possibly the inability to grow hair.
In addition to their fierce claws, hagborn have a vigorous constitution and a leathery skin. Some sages even speculate that trolls are somehow descended from hagborn. Although there is a strong resemblance, hagborn seem to always be sterile. Still the theories persist.
Hagborn typically have personalities that match their appearance, nasty and unpleasant. Some just want to be like everyone else, but they are rarely treated with respect. Fearful deference is usually the best a hagborn can expect.

Creating a Hagborn

Hagborn typically choose martial pursuits, especially those that allow them to get up-close and personal. Fighters, rogues, and rangers are all common vocations for a hagborn to pursue. Many hagborn crave arcane power, those few who are able to do so often pursue the path of the warlock or the sorcerer.
Hagborn are used to being shunned and feared, many are also used to being protected by their mothers (or at least the populace’s fear of their mother’s wrath).
Why did you leave your mother? Is she still alive? Did she give you permission to leave? Does she even care?

Hagborn Traits
Secondary Role: Any
Power Source: None.
Starting Feature: You gain a +2 bonus to Endurance and Intimidate checks. In addition, you gain the claw swipe power.
Level 5: You gain the hagborn vigour power.
Level 10: You gain a healing surge. You also gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wearing cloth armour or no armour.
Associated Paragon Paths:
Associated Feats:

Hagborn Powers

Claw Swipe Hagborn Attack
With a flick of the wrist you prove your claws are not just for show.
Standard Action Melee 1
Requirement: You must have a free hand to use this power
Target: One creature
Attack: Primary ability +3 vs. AC
Level 6: Primary ability +4 vs. AC
Level 11: Primary ability +5 vs. AC
Level 16: Primary ability +6 vs. AC
Level 21: Primary ability +7 vs. AC
Level 26: Primary ability +8 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + ability modifier damage.
Level 21: 2d8 + ability modifier damage.
Special: You can use this power in place of a melee basic attack. If the result of the attack roll is a natural 18-20 and the attack is a hit, it is a critical hit. It deals an extra 3 damage on a critical hit.
Level 6: 6 extra damage.
Level 11: 9 extra damage.
Level 16: 12 extra damage.
Level 21: 15 extra damage.
Level 26: 18 extra damage.
Hagborn Vigour Hagborn Utility
The hag’s blood flowing through your veins rapidly knits your flesh.
Encounter ✦ Arcane, Healing
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You can spend a healing surge.


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